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October 25, 2008


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I kind of can't believe they've managed to pad out 6 volumes with so many subpar cartoons (wasn't there a whole disc of Speedy Gonzalez at one point?) and yet they never saw fit to include "Nasty Quacks," one of my all-time favorites. "Greetings Bait" would've been nice too.

p.s. I think the line is actually "Does your tobacco taste different lately?"


And they've never put out RABBIT FIRE, the first of Chuck Jones' "Hunter Trilogy." Nor DEDUCE, YOU SAY, one of his very best Daffy/Porky genre spoofs. Hmmph.

don lewis

I've actually thought of this idea before but since you brought it up...
Why aren't more "modern" film and music stars converting over to cartoon form? I mean when Clooney did SOUTH PARK, it was huge! It's weird because cartoons-especially adult oriented ones or one that hit kids and adults-have never ever been bigger. Yet, where are the celebs pimping their wares to that market? Aside from the Simpsons and very random Family Guy guests, I just don't see it happening like it did in the olden days.

Dirty Harry

These collections are absolutely addicting. "Just one more... Just one more..." And then the sun rises.

I'd love to see the Roadrunner Collection.


Actually, cadavra, "Rabbit Fire" and "Deduce You Say" were both included on Disc 2 of the Golden Collection, Vol. 1.

What I'd *really* like to see is a box set of all the Bob Clampett stuff, in chronological order. Not that I'm holding my breath...

Bruce Reid

Coincidentally I just caught up with volume five, and doubt any endorsement of Uncle Joe will be as disquieting as Blanc employing Bugs Bunny's exact voice for the Big Bad Wolf in Freleng's Rashomon-avant-la-lettre "The Trial of Mr. Wolf."

"There I was, minding me own business. And you know what's going on right behind me back?



"Actually, cadavra, "Rabbit Fire" and "Deduce You Say" were both included on Disc 2 of the Golden Collection, Vol. 1."

And now I bid you all a fond farewell. I'm moving to a sanitarium, as I obviously am no longer in possession of my faculties and should not be permitted to move amongst you without supervision.

Glenn Kenny

Do not leave, Cadavra. Stay among us, we, the gentle correctors of gaffes. Can you imagine the kind of guff you'd have gotten at Wells' place had you made the faux-pas there? Well, first you'd have to imagine Wells running a screen grab from a Looney Tune in the first place..


So, I'm on Amazon.com and there are 5 different cartoon anthologies and what appears to be the definitive one. Of which of these would you recommend? Thanks.


Glenn Kenny

That's actually just the first of them, not the "definitive." I'm a Looney Tunes nut, so I've got all six volumes, and cherish them all. As the post notes, both the images are from Volume Six, which contains a lot of the more oddball stuff. The early volumes highlight the prominent, putatively classic material.

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