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October 22, 2008


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Memo to Mr. Goldstein, if he's reading:

I don't want to say "bandwidth is cheap" and I know there are region issues, but for films aimed at very specific niches, what about working out a print-on-demand/streaming deal with Amazon or Netflix?

Netflix is always looking for new streaming content, and something like this is probably A) cheap and B) of enough appeal to film nerds like me (and for marketing purposes, I'll mention I'm 26) that it would probably be successful. I'm always looking to explore new avenues of film, like Mexican cinema from the '50s, Japanese gangster films, etc., and I know I'm not alone. Having access to these movies would definitely make me consider purchasing a Netflix streaming box.

Paul Adair

WRONG ! The dupers of foreign p.d.s did a ton better than the
labs Janus and all used. Specifically MOVIELAB, makers of the
muddiest and cruddiest. RIGHT ? THAT'S where the sloppy junk
came from. Public domainers only had that junk to copy from.
I set up a lab briefly and got my own controlled quality. Shut
it down because of your applauded "restored copyrights". I could
control processor speed, density, contrast, etc beautifully and was
about to do "Meet John Doe" from a nice nitrate, perhaps a Krellberg
but don't remember.
Remember Janus' "King Kong" with the bouncing reels ? MOVIELAB !
"Citizen Kane" looked like the worse of bathtub dupes ! I know
how bad Movielab was as a projectionist, friend of Audio-Brandon
when they had a branch here ---. Give the credit for junky dupes
to the folks who knowingly and willingly went the cheaper-is-better
lab route. AND I was about to pull preservation 35mm negatives and
prints of some nice trailers, too. Spent $3,000 on a DePue blow-up
or reduction printer, too. Could have done the "Santa Fe Trail"
trailer to 35mm. Guess who provided Universal with that I.B trail-
er for "Vertigo" and didn't get the promised preservation credit.
Guess who has the Realart nitrate trailer for "My Man Godfrey" ?
So hooray for paying for what once was free and not putting the
blame for dupey quality where it belongs; Movielab's customers.
Years ago, from a long-gone tv station, I borrowed some studio-
provided trailers and made negatives and "dupes". Then, put on matching reels with blue plastic strips between them, the reels
looked alike. Following screening of both reels, they thought the
originals looked like dupes and vice-versa. It's called CARING.
Or maybe it WAS called caring. How many films can endure 95 years of storage ? Google opposing copyright extension and visit
www.petitiononline.com/eldred. Sincere best wishes, Paul

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