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September 06, 2008


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"Celebrating one's failure to get John McCain elected is a piquant example of a certain fallacy in putatively progressive discourse, most recently manifested in the now-ebbing comparisons of Sarah Palin to Dan Quayle.)"

I've read this over a few times and I'm still not sure what you mean. Are you saying that the media shouldn't be patting itself on the back for not sucking up to McCain? Or that liberals shouldn't? Or did you mean to write George Bush? Or John Kerry? Not to sound too critical; I've written sentences that make this seem like the pinnacle of clarity, but I am a bit confused.

Otherwise, "about ten years behind the zeitgeist if not more" pretty much sums up, if not Moore (he's about 5 or so years behind) than much of his coterie - what bothers me most about the American far Left these days is the fact that not only their ideas but their attitudes are mired about 40 years in the past (see "Recreate '68" at Obama's convention, as if it was somehow the moral equivalent of Daley & Humphrey during Vietnam). If you truly believe in the ideals of the Left, that's fine and it's you're right, but don't try to act as if you're supercool and edgy for doing so. Say what you will about the New Left in the 60s, it actually grew out of a real zeitgest and sensibility, and was not a complete contrivance bundled together from different "hip" sources. OK, rant over, for now.

Oh and would like to issue a mea cupla for a statement I made a week or two ago, when everybody was up in arms about Edwards' infidelity and the media's coverage. I said that McCain cheated on his first wife when she was recovering from a car accident, and he did so with Cindy. He actually didn't meet Cindy McCain until years later, when he and his first wife were supposedly estranged. Don't want to add to the gossip mill, so original comment rescinded.

Glenn Kenny

Holy crap, MovieMan, thanks for pointing out the typo. Of course I meant Kerry. To elaborate, it's bad strategy to pat oneself on the back for a failed campaign to get some traction for Kerry. And to compare Palin to Quayle is dopey on two fronts—first, the comparison itself is absolutely inapt as Palin is a pretty accomplished public speaker, and second, say what you will about Quayle, he and George H.W. won the election. Well, they won the first one...


I see - and am agreed on both points.

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