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September 13, 2008


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Aaron Aradillas

That's some cold shit. Funny, but cold.

You might want to check VH1-Classic to see if they're showing that 30-imnute version of The Doors. And I'm sure ActionMAX will be showing Top Gun sometime this weekend.

All you need to do is wait for HBO-Family to air the underrated Innerspace. (Joe Dante Rules! Just ask Rosenbaum.)

I only wish someone would start showing D.O.A. again. It had a great noir-ish poster and Quaid gave a terrific performance. I remember thinking it worked better as a whole than Polanski's Frantic, which only had a great first half.

Trevor J

Ha. The Hackman-Caine Theory from PCU is replaced.


Innerspace. One of the most fun times I've ever had at the flicks.

Happy days.

(Weeps for lost childhood)


Just wait till a year from now, when there'll be twenty Ben Kingsley movies clogging up your cable schedule!


@ cadavra

There already are. I think he's been in at least ten movies in the last five years, probably more like twelve.


Hey, there were five just this summer: ELEGY, TRANSSIBERIAN, THE WACKNESS, WAR INC. and (gasp, choke) THE LOVE GURU.


And that was from a time when Ryan was still supposedly considered an actress of note. Wait till you start getting the truly sub-par Ryan films!

(over here in Britain our TV schedulers knew what to do with Against The Ropes - they premiered it at at 3.15 a.m. on a Wednesday morning with a superimposed person in one corner providing signing for the deaf!)


@ colinr

So the British hate the deaf and want them to suffer?


Hey, we're an equal opportunity society where suffering is concerned! :D


Well, I liked: Joe Versus the Volcano, When Harry Met Sally, Prelude To a Kiss, French Kiss and City of Angels. I saw the trailer for The Women and I will probably end up seeing it even though its seems like it has no substance. I still want to give Meg a chance. She used to be naturally pretty. What did she do to her face? She does not look like she used to. I used to enjoy her even if I did not like the movie. She had an interesting face and gait.

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