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September 24, 2008


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What about Detroit? What about Houston? What about Pittsburgh, PA?

Damn you for what you've started. The panel sounds interesting, certainly, I doubt I'll be in the area but if I am, I'll make time. :-)

Josh Ralske

Damn, I wish my friends weren't getting married Saturday. Idiots. Glenn, others attending, please fill us in on how things went...

Bill C

Is it just me, or do critics spend more time talking about the state of criticism these days than actually, y'know, writing some. I mean, it's a navel-gazing sport by nature, but these summits--whether held virtually, on the page, or in movie theatres--are starting to become a form of satire.

Herman Scobie

Just a caveat about the "greatness" of Kent Jones. He is clearly very knowledgeable but carries with him, especially on his posts at Dave Kehr, a smug sense of superiority to all us peasants.

Glenn Kenny

I dunno Herman. Kent's critical voice is pretty assured, but I don't find him smug in the least—not as a critic, not as a blog commenter, not as a person. Then again, there are more than a few folks out there who consider ME smug, so maybe what do I know?

Speaking of Dave Kehr's blog, that Michael Worrall character has really been stinking up the place, alas. There are some things worse than smugness, genuine or perceived.


Herman, you should read Physical Evidence, the collection of Kent's essays that Wesleyan published several months back. Besides the fact that it's essential reading, it's proof positive that his writing is anything but smug. Scholarly and assured, yeah; smug, not quite.


i'd go, but i have to hold down the fort at Grassroots.

Pro Tip: Grassroots Tavern is where you should always get drunk and discuss film before screaming at each other and getting into a fist fight.

Michael Worrall

Mr. Kenny, I do not wish to "stink-up" your blog, but apparently I am not the only one who takes issue with Kent Jones' hubris, as Herman Scobie noted. How is a critical voice "assured" when the person proudly proclaims not to look at his writing for consistency?

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