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September 05, 2008


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Boy, I'm glad I'm not at work right now.


Boy, I'm glad nobody can look over my shoulder at work right now.

I absolutely love this movie, for the record. I love Bunuel in general, but I think this is a great sendup of how human urges can blind people to the obvious.

Glenn Kenny


You know, the not-safe-for-work-ness of the image only barely (duh) occurred to me as I was putting this up. Clearly, I've been out of the office environment for too long. It's fixed now...

Dan, I think the image exemplifies your point in a way. And I adore Molina's subsequent lines: "The guitar is mine. I play it for whom I please."


"The guitar is mine. I play it for whom I please."

The entire movie, in a nutshell.

I'm an enthusiastic salesman of Bunuel to guys my age, partially because I think he remains socially relevant, and partially because I think late Bunuel exemplifies the best of "art films": they make their points subtly and profoundly (for example another shot in "Object" that's just an establishing shot, yet shows slums in the foreground and skyscrapers in the background), yet they're also as funny as hell, something that almost never comes up in critical discussions.

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