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September 26, 2008


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Bill C

"Rachel McAdams is wonderfully disarming as a seemingly cocky soldier still trying to find his center"

That's the twist: she's a he?


@Bill C

Yeah, this started out as a remake of "The Crying Game" but the script was revised heavily during pre-production.

Glenn Kenny

Very funny, fellas. Hey, it was a typo—Bill C caught it before I did. Oh, the perils of the blogosphere...

Dan Coyle

Actually, Kyle Smith and John Nolte have been bangin' the drum, but otherwise...

Glenn Kenny

I can't find anything by John, but Kyle Smith's notice is positively bizarre. And ill-informed. I know, I shouldn't be surprised...

Dan Coyle

Oh yeah; John's white whale this week is Towelhead.


I just saw a trailer for this the other night and was impressed. I have a BS radar that tends to go off with indie films, films about Iraq, and any combination thereof. Though it looked a little over-the-top (they encounter a twister along the way?) I liked that it painted its Iraq vets as regular people, running the gamut. The longer the war goes on, and the more people I know who are going/have been there, the more it registers that a whole lot of different types serve in the military and in war. Both left and right seem to oversimplify matters...I hope this film doesn't.

By the way, Glenn - & others - I have made a huge list of everyone who participated in my "12 movies you've never seen" blog, and the movies they suggested. You can check it out here:



The Lucky Ones is 34% at Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch. I think I'll pass...

Dan Coyle

Wait, wait, Dirty Harry's reviewed it: http://dirtyharrysplace.com/?p=4786

"One of the benefits of the 100% flop rate of these left-wing flickers is the joy and comfort of having an entire movie theatre to myself. A rare treat indeed, and one enjoyed at my Lucky Ones screening. So I just want to take a moment to once again thank Hollywood for dumping millions of dollars in order make this special privilege possible.

The Lucky Ones is most certainly an anti-Iraq war film — though subtler in that respect than its dozen or so predecessors – but beyond that it’s simply a failure of a movie. A contrived road flick with forced comedic and emotional moments where the characters fail to resonate either with each other or the audience.

One thing that is interesting about The Lucky Ones is that it proves just how over-stuffed the anti-Iraq genre’s become. We’re now on our second one starring the bland Michael Pena (he was similarly bland in last year’s Lions For Lambs ) and our second one to lazily rely on the road trip boilerplate (the first was the execrable Grace is Gone)…

…And I’m here all day for those of you interested in debating how Hollywood’s money-driven."

And yet, he supports the free market.

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