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September 08, 2008


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I'm going to put something more detailed (OK, a *lot* more detailed) up at the House Next Door soon, but want to start agitating for Madeleine right here and now. It's phenomenally audacious and pulls it off. Was unfortunately dragged into a last-minute assignment the morning The Passionate Friends screened, but if it's even close...well. So yeah, sigh, I'm with Armond.


Ah, Vadim beat me to the Madeleine plug! What do you think of that one? I find it a wonderful movie, as deliciously atmospheric as the Dickens movies, explores not only Victorian sexual mores but the nature of womanhood itself.

I will definitely try to catch The Passionate Friends. As you say in the link, I am not fond of the critical technique that says "Look at this director, he's great. And to make him look greater, I'll explain to you why this other fellow is overrated." It is no sin to have catholic taste in classic film.


Oh, I need to get an all-regions player! Your reports are always so mouthwatering. Dammit. (: Thanks for mentioning that early period of Lean's-- I adore Brief Encounter and Summertime (I know it just misses the '54 cutoff, but I think it's stylistically part of that period), and would really like to see some of the other films you mention in your piece.

Glenn Kenny

Campaspe—Yes, Madeleine is a great one, too; the entirety of the Todd/Lean collaboration is fascinating and would make a good post on its own.

Brian—I suspect that most, if not all, of the Leans from the itv collection will be making their way to U.S. DVD in the next couple of years, probably in even better versions than the ones available. I also believe the retrospective will be going to various arthouses across the country, possibly one near you.

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