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September 25, 2008


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Glenn Kenny

Yeah, the caps, as delightful as I find them, really don't make it. You need to EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC. See the film. Live the film. Etcetera.


I suppose I'll have to now. It features Robin, and an off-brand Batman, so I don't see that I have much choice.

Glenn Kenny

I think the picture as a whole is right up your alley. It starts off as a kind of sendup of teen slasher pics, but gets progressively nastier, and ends up uber-creepy. Good stuff for horrorphiles.


Yeah, you know, I just went to Netflix to add it to my "overflow" list, and saw it was a horror film, and bells started going off. I haven't seen it, but I think I've wanted to in the past, and then forgot that I wanted to. I might have even known, at one point, that Bill Condon wrote it.


Re: The Oscars

I love Bill Condon's stuff, but if he's smart, he'll make it QUICK. And if the Academy's smart, they'll stream it live.

Re: Strange Behavior

I'll have to check that one out, at some point. Even if the last time I watched a movie you blogged about, it turned out to be "The Gauntlet." (for the record, tonally I think it's all over the place and hasn't aged well as an action film, but your Capra comparisons make sense, and it's got a great sense of humor. I wish I had a screencap of Eastwood's incredulous expression as the constable asks that oh-so-detailed question of Sondra Locke.)


Is that "The Apple"? I love that movie!

Ryland Walker Knight

ummm, yes. can i please go to this party?

failing that, i suppose, there's the dvd. wow, you just got some remuneration for that dude, didn't you? at the least you got shadow goofs like us to rush to netflix. which may not wind up as _that_ much residual caysh, but, still, funny how these things work sometimes. to pick up the thread from below, and ask the same (stupid? navel-y? def nasally) question as ever -- what are we? are we only here to promote shit? i hate that thought. but i love that ghoul-y girl dancing with her arms out even more... so, yes, thanks for the tip, GK. my plunge into dreyer just got delayed again. that shit'll be there, right?


I remember the scene well and it is terrific. Last time i saw the movie i even went and downloaded an mp3 of "Lightning Strikes". Didn't Loughlin follow this movie up with an equally off-beat science-fiction movie caled "Strange Invaders", with Paul le Mat, Diane Scarwid and the wonderful Nancy Allen?


I think the "Cut Your Hair" lyrics are, as usual with Malkmus, a display of his essential ambiguity (or in DFW words, Analytic-Paralysis). Pretty sure that particular lyric from "Cut Your Hair" goes "But I don't care, I care, I really don't care"...which is just delightful, because even thinking about whether you care or not about a particular subject probably means that on some level you care about it, at least as an abstraction/distraction, which pretty much sums up the Oscars anyway. Good to know you're a Pavement stan though...

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