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September 09, 2008


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You might not guess it from my site, but I am a big Eastwood fan and I like this movie a lot. So I am, to be honest, just a wee bit irked that I didn't notice this stuff myself. Your analogies work for me here but I'll have to rewatch The Gauntlet to be sure.

Steven W.

Sondra Lock and Clint had one of the most disturbing relationships between a woman and a man that I have ever heard about.


Eastwood is a legend - never saw the connections between this and capra before. An interesting post


I'll be seeing it soon. Thank God for Netflix!

Dale Halford

Do you know where I can buy the score to "The Gauntlet"?
Not recorded music, the printed score.


Dennis Cozzalio

Nice comparison, Glenn. Don't know what it says about me, but I recently saw both movies and never drew the connection, which you make seem fairly apparent.

I was glad to see that the movie held up better than I thought it would. The Blu-ray disc is very well rendered, but better than that, the movie itself, despite my aversion to some of Locke's overmodulation, really is as solid as I remember it (having seen it, what, 6 or 7 times when it came out theatrically).

Interesting that Locke gets to "do" Colbert and Arthur here, and three years later her Lombard in Bronco Billy is, to my eyes (remember, they're the ones that didn't see the Capra thread), a much more successful calling up of the spirit of a screwball queen.

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