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August 07, 2008


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Yeah, see? No one else has commented, either, and I've been staring at this thing since 10 minutes after you posted it. We're all wondering if it's a test.

Glenn Kenny

It's not a test, but here's a hint: Irma Vep.

Mike Grost

This is Irma Vep in "Les Vampires". She has recovered from hiding under the train, being ill, etc, and she is dancing in triumph at the Vampires' night club.
I know my Feuillade. He even is a character in one of my mystery short stories...
But what does "o Hai" mean? Why is this sacrilege?
Guess: this is some pop culture reference that has me, like, clueless.

Glenn Kenny

Mike, a gander at this site may help:

Mike Grost

Musidora does look a bit kitten like!
Maybe it's the kohl...
I loved the kitten who wants to prove the Riemann hypothesis.

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