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August 04, 2008


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I liked this column better when it was called Jackie Harvey's Outside Hollywood.


Well, I followed your link and read the paragraph in question carefully, and the only answer I can suggest is this: I notice that "The Old Man" is capitalized, so I'm guessing Mr. Poland is referring to the deity. Some people on Times Square want to battle the deity, I guess.

Tony Dayoub

And I thought I had to worry about my writings. One of the so-called professionals might as well be writing in hieroglyphics.

Big drawback in the blogosphere... a dearth of editors to make sure one is getting their point across.


DUH took my Jackie Harvey reference.

That Tom O'Neil article, which I read yesterday without any kind of warning, is one of the all-time greatest pieces of literature mankind has yet produced. Absolutely jaw-dropping.


Ah, Tom O'Neil. Recall that when he came under attack for writing the dumbest pan of Sunrise this side of the Rotten Tomatoes comments section, he countered all the "film Nazis" with this gem: "Might be on MSNBC early Sunday -- often I do that time slot."

Check and mate.

Dan Coyle


This guy has some funny things to say about your "defense" of Jeff Wells...

Glenn Kenny

Yeah, I've often wondered what I'd do if National Review called for me to be passed over for employment. I think I've still got a contact for Christopher Buckley, I guess I'd whine to him or something.

Harry's very cute, particularly his "about" page.


As an Officer of the Internet Police, I am forced to issue you a ticket for Posting While Drunk. ;-)


On a serious note: boy, Mark Harris is kind of long-winded, isn't he? Wouldn't it just be simpler to say "Dark Knight is very good and is doing very well, but is demonstrating a drop-off of roughly 50% every weekend, so it won't cross the $600 million mark?"

Dan Coyle

Harry may be cute, but it amuses me how he drops so much attitude and hatred for us whiny liberals and then is shocked, SHOCKED that liberals might not feel comfortable working with him.

Glenn Kenny

Dan C.: Now that you mention it, Harry's ongoing koffee klatsch with Breitbart and Klavan over the "new blacklist" is about the most macho pity party I've ever witnessed...

Dan: Hey, you gotta hit that word count, no matter how thin the putative subject matter...


I suppose, but part of me wanted to retitle that article "Backlash Begins". He seems almost upset that people are so excited it's doing so well.

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