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August 15, 2008


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Holy shit. She's...um...she's looked better.


Now that's just mean, Glenn. I think it's great Nick Nolte got a facelift.


Wow Ernest at 91 looks better. Clearly Kaballah frowns upon self-gifting.

Bjorn Again Borgnine

"'you sound bitter, Glenn,' said Bill."

Bjorn Again Borgnine

Actually, it's Bill that sounds bitter, this time. What did Madonna ever do to you, Bill, huh?

Glenn Kenny

Actually, I am the one that's bitter. It's more a matter of what Madonna didn't do to me.

I kid. Did I ever tell you guys about the one time I met Madonna, he said, trying to put things on a pleasanter tack? Oh, Danceteria in the early '80s. There I was, checking out a just-post Rough Trade Red Crayola, and there she was, still blessed with the baby fat, dressed in those thrift-store schmatas, and I thought, what the hell is she doing here. "I didn't know you were a Red Crayola fan," I shouted above the delightful din. She gave me a look not, frankly, unlike the one reproduced in the photo above. "I'm not. I'm here for 'Paper''s first anniversary party. I'm on the wrong floor." And off she went.


Bjorn, I'm sorry I hurt you so badly that, days later, you still haven't recovered.


Does she, you know, masturbate?

A lot?

On another note, I %love% it that you're kind of putting down a post-feminist, having in the previously post defended a, you know, *male* (and old) masturbator.

Gorilla Bob

Well, she's all set Halloween, and if Guy Ritchie wants to do a Mummy film, well, threre you are.

Amanda By Night

Honestly, that picture looks HEAVILY doctored. Like that Mischa Barton one with the cellulite. She's fab and I'm SO jealous you got to meet her, even if only to be told you'd be cooler if you were on another floor! :)

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