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August 08, 2008


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And we assume they've been separated because........?

Futura II

John Landis' magazine stand crucifixtion by hail of gunfire during the LAX shootout at the end of Into the Night is a strange way of saying I'm sorry. I would put the set piece up against the best of Leon, Woo, Peckinpah or Tarantino.

Futura II

Leone, not Leon, of course.

Dan Coyle

...not to mention, Landis directed Innocent Blood. DUN DUN DUN!

Lord Henry

I guess they're both implicated in the deaths of innocent civilians.

Glenn Kenny

To be honest, I was mostly struck by what I took for an uncanny physical resemblance. Just like me to not pay sufficient attention to subtext...

Bill C

Addison looks more like a bearded Marvin Hamlisch, if you ask me: http://daytonphilharmonic.com/images/uploaded/DPO_MarvinHamlisch.jpg

Dan Coyle

Oh Come on, Vic Morrow was NEVER innocent...


Ouch! What'd Landis ever do to you, dear host?

Scott Lemieux

It may seem obvious that Addington is more incompetent, but if you think that you've probably never seen Beverly Hills Cop III...

Dan Coyle

Dan: you haven't seen Landis' last couple movies, have you?

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