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August 19, 2008


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Maybe YOU were.


Now now. Ain't nothing wrong with Trevor Horn.

Tom Perdue

What was really great about early MTV, aside from the mockery opportunities afforded by its VJs, was the relative paucity of music videos at the time meant they had to put on whatever they could get. This ranged from the fairly cool—"Too Many Creeps" by the Bush Tetras—to the hilariously pompous—"On the Loose" by Saga—to the fantabulously lame—"Citizen" by Citizen, containing the immortal lines "I'm a citizen/and I'm concerned." Who was it who did "I Won't Let You Down," anyway?...


I'm told Sparks used to get a lot of rotation. I find this incomprehensible and inspiring.

Allen Belz

Ah yes, Saga. Around my ka-razy house of roommates at the time the chorus to that song quickly became "No one can stop us now/Tonight we fuck the moose." Of course we were all probably just jealous because our girlfriends thought the singer was cute. Or maybe that was just my girlfriend...

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