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August 25, 2008


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Edward Wilson

I saw Yor in the theater.


I missed Yor but the opening credits are...well, very 80's.


I remember Metalstorm. Unfortunately.

Return of the Jedi 13 weeks in the top 10? No surprise really, since Star Wars was MASSIVE back in those days. I'm sure I saw it at least 3 times over the summer (I was 9 - give me a break).


Something seems to have happened to this post. I mean, apart from the claim that "Back to School" is on the same level as the Marx brothers.

Edward Wilson

Well, think of it this way: Kurt Vonnegut starred in the #1 movie that week...

Edward Wilson

Man, I mixed up Easy Money and Back to School. My bad...

Mr. Peel

Of course, Easy Money also had Jennifer Jason Leigh. And a pretty funny overhead shot of the wedding, a good visual joke that Newsweek called the only laugh in the film.

What was the release pattern on Mr. Mom? It looks like a platform sort of thing but it had obviously been playing for a few weeks already and that jump of 13 to 3 is pretty unusual.

To this day, I've never seen Yor or Metalstorm. I bow my head in shame.


The key to METALSTORM, of course, was that it was filmed in (pretty terrible) 3-D. It played a lot of theatres that still had silver screens left over from engagements of SPACEHUNTER and JAWS 3-D. The picture's full title is METALSTORM: THE DESTRUCTION OF JARED-SYN, and to me, that subtitle is almost as memorably tacky as BREAKIN' 2's.

D Cairns

You gotta use that spellcheck! Just a friendly tip, some of this post isn't too easy to read.

Aaron Aradillas

My deepest apologies for the screw-up regaeding this post. I don't know how it got posted when it did. I certainly didn't schedule it that way. I would've fixed it sooner, but family came into town. Everything should look halfway professional now. I'm a loyal posteer, but my blogging skillz still need some work.

Aaron Aradillas

Yes, Mr. Mom was a platform release. That's unusual for a comedy. My guess is the studio had little faith in the movie. I know critics were really surprised when it became a huge hit. It was a good follow-up to Keaton's star-making turn in the previous summer's Night Shift.

Hopefully Glenn will share some thoughts on Jedi. I know he has A LOT to say about Risky Business.


With the exception of Yor, I saw each and every one of those movies at the theatre with my housekeeper, Nora. Which reminds me that:

a) I don't like seeing movies at the theatre anymore because of the extra-aural assault on my senses (people talking, chewing, clearing their throat, coughing, sniffling, snapping their gum.

b) I have become more sensitive as I have gotten older, not less.

c) Nora was beautiful, young, and from Belize, and often I would spend a good portion of sleepytime pumping my pillows to the thought of her.

d) My dad sure did go on a lot of dates back then, many with young girls with approximately the same type of breasts as Jamie Lee Curtis.

e) The characters Easy Money felt strange and exotic to a ten year old Jew living in Encino.

D Cairns

Post is much better! It was a good post anyway. We've all hit "Publish" by mistake and posted things too soon, don't worry!

Aaron Aradillas

thanks, D.


One of the big reasons MR. MOM became a sizable hit was the near simultaneous airing of NIGHT SHIFT on HBO. SHIFT had performed adequately during its 1982 theatrical run, but became wildly popular on cable -- I remember people talking about "that Michael Keaton thing on Home Box" at work and even on the subway during the Summer of '83. The timing of MOM's release couldn't have been better.

Bjorn Borgnine

Go away, Milkman. You're not wanted here. Stay at HE with all the other cretins.

Matthew Lucas

Ahh those were the days when STAR WARS was actually good.

Now we have THE CLONE WARS in the top ten instead.

Is it possible to be nostalgic for a time when I wasn't even born yet?


Hey all, I hate to threadjack, but if you remotely get a chance, go see "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time". Absolutely great film!

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