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July 05, 2008


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Sam Adams

Demme was there all right, a couple feet to my right, up at the front, enjoying himself enough to shout out in between songs. I was sort of tickled by the fact that the director of Heart of Gold couldn't place the band's cover of Neil Young's Barstool Blues. (I was happy to fill in the blank.) Dare we hope there's a complete take of "I'm a Believer" lurking somewhere in his vaults?


"a Heads enthusiast (as who wasn't back then?)"

Just curious...is such enthusiasm no longer Kenny-endorsed? Cuz I still think Fear Of Music and More Songs are pretty close to perfect.

Glenn Kenny

No, those are GREAT albums, and the Heads were a great band. My meaning was that at that time enthusiasm for the Heads in the tri-state area was ubiquitous—they were beloved by bohos and bankers alike.

Although I have some friends who saw them live on a regular basis before they recorded, and some of them believe Eno really screwed up their sound, particularly with respect to the rhythm section. But that's another story.


I'd forgotten that The Feelies were in Something Wild (due for a viewing soon). I'd love to see Demme tackle such a dream project!

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