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July 17, 2008


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D Cairns

Pound Furiously.

Plath Slowly.

Byron Wetly.

D Cairns

MacGohagall Stiffly.

Shakespeare Sisterly.

Pope Piusly.


Housman Indubitably

Tiffany Leigh

Dryden Waspishly
Byron Disconcertingly
Browning Matter-of-factly
Yeats Magnanimously


See, I get "English-born poet", but frankly, because it's a first name, I was always mildly confused if said credit/name belonged to a male or female actress. I think this is because my primary mnemonic Blake is Blake Edwards, having been raised on a strict diet of Pink Panther movies as a child. Also, not to impugn the breadth of British literature, but I think that English-born poets as a criterion is going to run into repetition rather soon.

None of which means I'm not going to play. Let's see...

Hegley Well
Stevenson Ably
and, for the win... Burns Quickly. (Although D. Cairns should be commended on "Pound Furiously".)

Glenn Kenny

Well, it wouldn't be a game if there weren't some meaningful restrictions! It just hit me that "English-born" excludes Eliot.But Auden is still valid...


Donne Quickly.

Which is likely is what we'll be able to say about Blake's film career.


...and is NOT a comment about my sexual problems. My sexual problems!


Gray Daily

Swift Shortly

Pope Predominantly

Scannell Darkly (get it?)

Glenn Kenny

Marvell Gapingly

Marlowe Abasedly

Amis Awfully


Wyatt Powerfully

Milton Bradley


Bacon Crisply?

Dave McDougall

Skelton Skillfully
Chaucer Cheerfully
Lovelace Lovelily
Marvell Marvelously
Wyatt Quietly
Morely Sorely


Irish cousin?

Synge Blithely

and I know this disqualifies me but I couldn't resist...

Stoker B. Hynes


I offer "Browning Evenly" and "Hardy Easily."

As soon as the rules bend to allow American poets, I stand ready with "Poe Boyishly,"

Tony Dayoub

Wilde N. Spritely

D Cairns

"Burns Quickly" is great, "Browning Evenly" is GORGEOUS.

Milton Keenly.

Kipling Passionately.

Suckling Eagerly.

Pam the Scam

I was going to say "Bacon Manly" but someone else was more clever. How bout Tennyson Tightly?


With every last English poet being taken, I'd like to take a brief moment to provide these links for your off-topic pleasure:

Go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random

That's the name of your band.

Then go here: http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3

Go to the last quote, at the bottom of the page, and the last four words of that quote is the name of your band's first album.

Finally, go here: http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/

The third picture is your album's cover.

Sorry to go off-topic, but this is pretty fun...

Herman Scobie

Cheating only slightly:

McCartney Fabulously


Amis Drunkly
Larkin Sourly
Hardy Softly
Skelton Barely

what fun!

Nathan Duke

Byron Feverishly
Armantrout Magnanimously
Peacock Posthumously

Glenn Kenny

How could I have invented this game, and yet taken so long to come up with "Savage Savagely"?

Dan Yeager

Day-Lewis Lewdly
Fenton Flighty
Wordswoth Wooly


Bill, that IS fun. But I don't think anyone is going to be buying the Brady Township album, Carpet the Whole World, any time soon. Not with that cover...


Damn, that Al Franken quote comes up every time.

Sorry, enough OT from me.


Josh - That happens to me sometimes, too. Just refresh the quotes page, and you'll get new ones. Anyway, Giovanni Battista Abbatessa's album, "Takes Place Every Day", should street this November. Just FYI.

Tom Carson

So here's a sad story of a literary lad at the track:

Betjeman Filly*
Spender Money
Sitwell, jockey!
Pound, pound, pound!

Owen Hugely
Shelley Angry
Shakespeare at me.
Dodgson, dodgson!**

Swift butchery.
Graves nearby multiply.***
Gray elegy:
Spice Girls karaoke.


*in Derby.
**too late, evidently.
*** pronounced "multi-PLEE."

Glenn Kenny

tc, that's so genuinely Joycean I'm suddenly worried about the condition of your eyes. Bravo.


A friend and I, upon seeing a trailer for "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2: The Pantsening" starring Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrara, looked at each other and almost at the same time said, "Did the casting director say, 'Please find me the four actresses with the stupidest possible names?'"

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