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July 02, 2008


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Aaron Aradillas

I wouldn't mind seeing the song-and-dance version of Brooks' I'll Do Anything.

Romero's 3-hour Martin would be interesting, if only for the endurance test.

I wouldn't mind seeing The Shining with the original ending.

Anything Harvey Weinstein thought he could improve, particularly Gangs of New York and All the Pretty Horses.

The Adrien-Brody-co-starring cut of The Thin Red Line.

It'd be nice if either Scorsese or Robertson went looking for additional numbers from The Last Waltz.

I know thewse are mostly modern-day movies, but they're just as important.

Keith G

A complete version of "Lost Horizon" would be great, too.

But this full "Metropolis" is quite the find!


That is the funniest macro I have ever seen. Inappropriate ones are the best.



steve simels

A good print of Republic's "Drums of Fu Manchu" would be nice.

The current one on VCI is just serviceable....

C. Jerry

So who has a copy of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT?


CONVENTION CITY, as well as a number of lost Raymond Griffiths (e.g., the last reel of PATHS TO PARADISE and all of WEDDING BILLS).

Sorry. too esoteric?

Glenn Kenny

No, we LIKE esoteric here...

Tom Sutpen

It wouldn't be as momentous a find as the remaining hours of 'Greed', but if Stroheim's second feature, 'The Devil's Passkey' were to resurface, it would certainly put a smile on this kisser.


Magnificent Ambersons.

I know you asked for others, but that's the one that keeps me up nights, dreaming of that party sequence, one long shot as Welles planned it.

But since you asked, there are so many silents I'd love to see.

Bits of Life (Marshall Neilan. Lon Chaney's filmography is missing a lot, or does it just seem that way?)
The Queen of Sheba (discussed in The Parade's Gone By)
The Mountain Eagle (Hitchcock)
Legion of the Condemned (Wellman)
Treasure Island (Maurice Tourneur)

I'm stopping here because this is depressing the shit out of me.

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