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June 27, 2008


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steve simels

Your review was spot on, I thought.

Don't want to give anything away, but the visual surprise plot twist in the first act (you know the one I'm talking about) literally took my breath away. Moving and almost profound, which is the last thing I expected.


This may be the first time it has happened since my fanboy nerves were tweaked by the first Matrix trailer but I keep wondering what the film will be like if just watching the trailers brings a tear to my eye.

Of emotion, joy or gratitude for a decent film? Who knows (and I might hate the film when I see it, but all signs are looking good for enjoyment!)

Nathan Duke

Very nice review. Plus, I think you deserve some kind of points for, most likely, writing the only review of "Wall-E" to reference "Satantango."

I saw the film today and, right now, think it could be my favorite of the Pixar films, all of which I have liked to varying degrees.

Allen Belz

Just one tiny rebuttal to the review: I saw it today and was primed to groan at the Also Sprach Zarathustra reference whenever it appeared, but being that it was used in 2001 to signal another leap in human evolution (not to mention the fact that the Autocomputer is an obvious riff on HAL), I'd say it was one of the most apropos and affectionate uses of it ever, and I actually found myself chuckling in a very non-ironic manner...

John Svatek

Best review I've read so far.

I was a little disappointed too--based on the trailer, I was hoping for an American, postapocalyptic "Playtime" or at least "Jour de Fete." (I can hear the pitch: Tati + Silent Running = Boffo Box Office!) Too much to hope for.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it was more Chaplin than Tati; although most of the Tramp's aggressive side seems to gave been transferred to Eve. (BTW, WHEN is Pixar going to have a female/girl lead?)

I wasn't, however, disappointed when the humans show up. Fat as shorthand for evil/stupid/lazy is one of my pet peeves, so the fact that they handled it well was a net positive. Also, the fact that Wall-E pursues his goal without reference to (or even awareness of?) the human's dilemma, I found to quite refreshing.


I enjoyed "Wall-E" quite a bit myself. The plot isn't original but it's well constructed, and the satire is clear without being belabored. Also, it's just so damn funny (I love how trigger-happy Eve is) and well-animated that I fell in love.

I have to say, though, "Presto" is almost equal in my regard and it might just be my favorite Pixar short. The spirit of Termite Terrace is alive and well and residing, clearly, in Emoryville, CA.

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