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June 09, 2008


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As soon as "Mr. Grayson" dropped the name of his daughter - Clara, it all started to make perfect sense. The style, the tone of voice, the message - it's all here:
http://jonjost.wordpress.com/2008/06/02/talking-dogs-and-other-pleasures/ etc. etc.
Those who remember his posts to the Frameworks mailing list would also recognize the hand of the Master.

Jon Jost

The above anonymous "av," presumably a reader of Frameworks, is as astute in his perceptiveness in reading as perhaps he is in his (unknown) views on film, etc. For Mr. AV's information, I ain't "Grayson" and I never use or resort to fake names, anonymity, etc.
So carry on the detective work. (This comment owing to a "reference" listing on my blog.)

Glenn Kenny

I never thought av's surmise held any water, but thanks for clearing this up.

And what fun it's been to revisit this thread!

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