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June 30, 2008


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John Svatek

I seem to remember reading that Preminger disavowed his early films (not that I care too much what the artist thinks of his work), but I never knew what they were. Are these those?

Glenn Kenny

Andrew Sarris: "For his part, Preminger refuses to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the films he directed before 'Laura' in 1944." Sarris goes on to cite the "Foxphorescent giddiness" of the likes of "Error," "In The Meantime, Darling," and others. A typically fortuitous Sarrisean phrase! So yes, "Margin" is one of the disavowed; "Scandal," more like a shrugging-off.

John Svatek

Thanks, Glen. I should've realized it was Sarris. And "The American Cinema" is just across the room from where I'm sitting. The Innertubes really brings out the lazy. Hmm, maybe Wall-E's humans aren't too far off: in that case, perhaps you should offer the Monday Morning Foreign-Region DVD Report--in a cup!

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