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June 23, 2008


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Aaaaand of course, my foreign-region player is busted. Maybe Criterion will take pity and put out an Eclipse set...


Dan, so is mine! Plus I am on a DVD spending ban until I view all the ones I haven't watched so far.

This post has me yearning, however. And Mr. Lopate sounds (has always sounded) like my kinda guy.

Peter Nellhaus

There are region free hacks for domestic DVD players which is how I got my DVD player to handle Bigger than Life and Carmen Comes Home.

Lookie over here: http://www.dvdexploder.com/multihacks.htm

My problem is having the money to buy the DVDs.


Mr. Thank You isn't much of a movie per se, as far as I'm concerned, but it's super-fascinating as a document of pre-war Japan countryside and traveling modes. Have yet to catch up with the others.

Glenn Kenny

Vadim, I think part of what makes "Mr. Thank You" so great is that it isn't much of a movie per se. How many narrative films made in that period can boast of pretty much walking away (without much fuss) from the elements that putatively made a movie?


Actually you could be right...I was really surprised by how obviously primitive the sound was when I saw it, and assumed Shimizu was still trying to figure out how to make it work, and the charms were inadvertent. But if that was intentional...well.


Peter, our region-free is a very cheap model hacked in just that matter. I may have to just replace it.


I have a nice collection of Japanese classic films (350+) and, for those interested, I can send you my list of films. Just contact me on larry_abed@hotmail.com

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