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June 16, 2008


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Glenn, I hope you continue the "High-Def DVD Consumer Guide", or at least some version of it here. I'm definitely more in the "library-building cinemaphile" category, trying to buy films, old and new, that I love, that would really benefit from the High-Def experience and your feature as helped tremedously (and, like your 6th Day analogy, I'm still wringing my hands with guilt for buying the Blu-Ray version of Fantastic Four: RSS, if only to see my childhood fave Norrin Radd in all his CGI glory).


Yes, a regular feature like this would be a great addition to the site! And it doesn't have to limit itself to the high-def stuff, does it? Because--sigh--well, I just miss your reviews, of anything!


Here's another vote to continue the Consumer Guide in some form. I too miss your reviews, although have been pleased as all get-out with what you've doing here on your own bought-and-paid-for-blog.

Also, would you mind contacting me by email at your earliest convenience? (mark@markbourne.com) I have a paying proposition for you. (This is no spam, promise! I'm talking a film-writing slot.)


Continue the Consumer Guide, and so say all of us! Up until now, I've been covering my eyes and ears to all this talk of Blu-Ray because I refused to accept that something could possibly threaten my enormous standard DVD collection.

However, the other day I just shrugged and said "fuck it", so now your Consumer Guide is of utmost importance to my Blu-Ray education.

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