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June 27, 2008


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Sounds like a festival highlight to me.


Great story, Glenn.


Glenn, the sailor to your right is Gene Mincey. I served with him on HST but unfortunately I transferred months before their visit to France. I keep in touch with Gene so I'll be sure to send him the link to your blog...he'll appreciate the pic. Thanks for taking care of us sailors.

Glenn Kenny

Thanks, Matt!


Hello Glenn,
I came across your blog by searching for your friend Tom Carson. I was reading his article on GQ about Mike Tyson, which I thoroughly enjoyed, where he used an expression "Like a crucified Easter Bunny".

I am a visual artist (painter) by trade and I was trying to share with him an ink drawing that I recently created. It is precisely of that, a martyred Easter bunny.

Could you kindly share this image with him http://tinyurl.com/o79kws I would love to hear your opinion on it as well. You can see more of my work on my website.

Thank you,

Juan "One" Sepulveda

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