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June 16, 2008


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Aaron Aradillas

It should be noted that the lovely Ms. Schwarzbaum addressed this "international incident" in a blog post at EW.com. Here's the link:


Just doing my part to keep the peace.

Glenn Kenny

Wow, I gotta read the EW Popwatch blog more regularly. I kinda feel a little like Emily Litella at the moment...


yes, may the record show that glenn nor karina had any say in the title.

it was entirely my concept and done with a tongue firmly in cheek.

and if first-time listeners are disturbed at this title, may I also refer them to this one: Will Smith...


Stephen Whitty

Good ol' Grass Roots. That was a real haunt during my NYU filmschool days.

That and B'way Charlie's, which had a three-legged dog and where the sanitation workers would roll in just before last call for a dollar shot of Fleischman's.

Or the Dugout, next to Variety Photoplays, which advertised "Frosty mugs o' beer - 50 cents" and had a "FREE BUFFET!" every St. Pat's. (Featured items: One plastic bowl of iceberg lettuce, and another of creamed corn.)

Or Adam and Eve's, which had cheap pitchers and dollar footlong hotdogs and was open all night, until someone was stabbed in the vestibule.

I will draw no inferences from the fact that most of these places closed shortly after I graduated.

Still, I'm glad to see the Grass Roots is still around. I haven't been in it for a long long time -- mostly because the last time I was there, I used the bathroom and all the power in the place went out. "Damnit," the bartender shouted, "someone flushed the toilet again!"

Great bar. I think if you squint, sometimes late at night you can see Sport and Iris at a back table.


Wow. I hung out at Grassroots at least twice a week, from '97 to '99, and I lived far far away in Brooklyn. Is there still a dog walking around with a glow stick around its neck?


Negtive on the dog, sorry to say. I live out on Jefferson St. off the L, yet I'm still there 1-3 times a week. Someone start a neighborhood bar please.

Herman Scobie

I'm sure any offense will be offset by the very flattering photo of LS, a lady who once gave me a look of mild curiosity.

Sujewa Ekanayake

Hi Glenn (or is it Glen w/ 1 n?),

I am making a documentary called The Indie Film Bloggers, about bloggers & other people who write about indie film on the web; http://indiefilmbloggersmovie.blogspot.com/. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more about the project to see if you are interested in participating in it/being interviewed for it (e-mail me at: wilddiner@aol.com).

[i didn't see a contact link for you at the blog, so i am leaving this comment]


- Sujewa

Lisa Schwarzbaum

Hey! Can I just say? I've waited for plenty at Cannes! (Just not for fucking James Gray at a 10:30pm screening.)

Pretty in pink I remain,

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