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June 13, 2008


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Last Halloween, IFC or Sundance ran all three of those movies, and I still have them saved on my DVR, unwatched. Must remedy that...


I have to admit that Coffin Joe films mostly bore me. I tried twice to watch At Midnight... and couldn't get very far. I would recommend Awakening of the Beast, however. It's got a lot more going on than C.J. mugging menacingly for the camera. I really enjoyed it a lot.

BTW, Mojica Marins made a lot of porn.


I wasn't a huge fan of "At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul"; it was interesting, but it felt a little draggy in spots. "Awakening of the Beast", though...WOW. That's one hell of a film.

Glenn Kenny

Admittedly, in some respects the films are more interesting for what they represent than how they play. But, come on—those live spiders on naked flesh under less-than-professional supervision do pack a punch, no?


At Midnight ain't completely successful (actually, Mojica's first two non-horror features are much better), but Tonight I Will Eat Yoiur Corpse is great. The Awakening of the Beast is also very impressive (as an aside to Mojica's reputation, all of the journalists in the framing sequences are played by underground filmmakers). I also strong recommend Finis Hominis and Bloody Exorcism of Coffin Joe among his lesser known work (the second episode of The Strange World of Coffin Joe is pretty great as well).


There's also an interesting documentary called "Coffin Joe: The Strange World of Jose Mojica Marins" that I saw at the Chicago Underground in 2001. It was my first introduction to Coffin Joe and it played the underground circuit that year, but I don't know if it ever came out on DVD. I doubt it.



I seem to remember it was tied to the release of the Coffin Joe movies on disc from Fantoma, but I could be wrong about that.

Gorilla Bob

When people talk about indy cinema, Coffin Joe is what they should be talking about, not pipsqueaks like Tarantino, and hacks like Rodriguez. His stuff is mind boggling.

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