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May 30, 2008


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He was so great. Watch that fruit cup scene again from the underrated "High Anxiety" and try not to double over laughing.


You nailed it perfectly re: Harvey Korman's performance in "Blazing Saddles". I've seen it a number of times as there are a lot of reasons why I go back, but at the top of that list is Hedy (that's HEDLEY!) Lamarr. I feel like it's a titanic comic performance and I wasn't exactly sure why until I read this post. My favorite bit is his, "You said rape twice." "I like rape." "Kinky." Brilliant. Harvey Korman will be sorely missed. RIP, Harvey.

Tom Carson

Sorry, mild dissent. Korman was a brilliant example of a comedian who's fantastic on TV -- where I love everything he did with Carol/Tim/et. al., and he was a natural -- but seldom at his best on the big screen. I don't think Brooks used him too well either, but the point is they really are two different mediums and you end up underestimating Korman's genius if you treat them as interchangeable. Still waiting for the brilliant French analyst who will explain to me why this is so, but I think it is. Something about the greater intimacy of TV, is my guess.


The world may remember Hedly Lamarr, but I found out about his death when my sister e-mailed me to say, "Count de Monet has died." Or is that "Count the Money"? It's amazing that I became a cinephile in a house where History of the World, Part 1 was the most-played VHS tape. Nice tribute.


You left out his excellent work in DRACULA: DEAD AND LOVING IT, which was (I think) Brooks' best film since HISTORY OF THE WORLD, and not coincidentally, Korman's first Brooks film since HISTORY. Surely not a coincidence.

And nothing ever cracks me up like:

"Now repeat after me: I..."
"Your name..."
"Your name..."

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