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May 25, 2008


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It never fails to amuse me about obnoxious conservative bloggers. I know of conservative bloggers who are thoughtful, intelligent and hard-working...and they get swamped by guys like Reynolds.

Oh, and if you're reading, Mr. Reynolds, journalism is a profession. That's why we have "journalistic standards", like crediting one's sources.

don lewis

So seeing this clot Reynolds—who enjoys endlessly reiterating his asinine mantra, "journalism isn't a profession, it's an activity;" who more often than not blogs from the comfort of his den, with one thumb all the way up his ass for all I know

That line right there is the beginning of some benefits we readers will get from you being free from Premiere. And you owe me a new Wilco shirt because the coffee that I spit out when I read that may have wrecked it.

What I don't get about all these people getting agitated because Che was a horrible, horrible, torturing dictator, yadda yadda is....there are NO FILMS about any awful real life person as the main character that show them being awful. Hitler movies like, I dunno, "Max"show a part of Hitlers youth but avoid him being, well, Hitler. Since I just woke up and no longer have any coffee (Thanks, GK) I can't think of any others right now....but my point is this; I don't think you can make a movie in which the lead character is based on a real person and is a murdering thug bastard. You can allude to it and I'm guessing the Che films might, but to show a person just going to town murdering people is a horror film and this is not a horror film. Am I making sense?

I agree with your assessment of Cannes even though I've never been. Having covered Sundance for some 6-odd years, friends and people I meet are always blown away I get to go. We don't have the cash to stay real close to the theaters so everyday is a 8 a.m. wake up call (or earlier), a slog into town in the snow (we're all texans and Californians so....it's tough), a constant struggle to find time and decent food to eat and then sitting in shitty press screenings all day. Sure, it has it's moments, but it's work and it's not easy to navigate, trudge, sit, eat, sleep and try to form decent thoughts about 3 films per day.

Mike De Luca

It's a lot like when the same bloggers suggested that the box office failure of the independently-financed "Redacted" was the result of some disconnect between "Hollywood" and the American public.

Victor Morton

there are NO FILMS about any awful real life person as the main character that show them being awful. Hitler movies like, I dunno, "Max" show a part of Hitlers youth but avoid him being, well, Hitler.

Within very strong limits, I agree with this. But, to stick with your example of MAX, the audience-identifier is not Hitler, but the John Cusack character, Max. DOWNFALL comes closer, but it's more of an ensemble piece and it does kinda "leave" Hitler at the end. I haven't seen CHE but something about the title tells me Che is probably the audience identifier (I have seen THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, and he is definitely the identification figure there.)

Also, the one thing I guarantee you is that neither Noah Taylor nor Bruno Ganz accepted any awards by saying he'd "like to dedicate this to the man himself, Adolf Hitler." You can't name me a post-WW2 movie that was substantively about Nazism where the film-makers said anything but condemnatory things about Nazism. Plenty of movies about socialism and communism are made by people who contextualize, relativize, play down, or "try to find the hope in" the evils of left tyranny. (First example to quickly come to mind, and it's a film I quite like, is an example of the last -- the internal monolog near the end of GOOD BYE LENIN about the fake "East Germany" the boy created as a worthy ideal.)

Victor Morton

That first paragraph should have been in italics ... I was quoting someone else. The rest of the post is my reaction.

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