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May 11, 2008


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Fellow writer here.
Offering support and solidarity.
Go get 'em!
-Jerry Weinstein
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Tom Carson

I'd have posted by now just to say "more power to you, GK" if I hadn't had my own problems figuring out Typepad's arcana. Now I wonder if you share my hunch we'd all be looking forward to Cannes even more eagerly if only Eastwood was directing Scarlett getting it on with Penelope and Woody was the one trembling before Angelina.

As for the Soderbergh, I admit I'd be a hell of a lot more cheerful going in if it was called "Cher" and not "Che." But no one remembers Cher Guevara, the only performance artist to sing "Believe" while shooting random members of the audience out of hand.

Aaron Hillis

You say it's literary, but I have my own interpretation apropos of you:

Is yr project about artistic works whose creators have been wrongly fired? I don't remember that specific shot, but I do recall the butterfly in Number 3's rifle scope view in "Branded to Kill," a film that got Seijun Suzuki canned by Nikkatsu for being too audacious.

Kick that cannes two times for me, GK.

Kyle Smith

Aaron, you beat me to it! I saw that one years ago and was completely unprepared for it and have wanted to revisit it for some time now, especially after having recently seen and going head over heels for Youth of the Beast. I think I just found my Sunday evening plan. Cheers for the suggestion, Glenn!

And I must chime in as well and say "good on ya'" for getting this new blog going so fast (and I'm particularly happy that this is the one Typepad blog that isn't blocked by my office's internet filter). How ridiculous of Premiere! I've only recently discovered your writing, but became a fan instantaneously. Oh well, I know you'll find a place who appreciates quality film writing soon enough. Keep up the good work, mate!

Norm Wilner

So, hang on, I'm confused -- are you still going to Cannes? Should I save you a seat at the Despleschin screening? Because I would totally do that for you.

Glenn Kenny

Oh, I'm going to Cannes all right. At the moment I'm hoping the weather won't hold up my flight...

Sam Adams

Funny -- I was reading "Zeroville" on vacation and thinking how much I'd like to go back through the book and do a concordance of my own, not unlike the "Pierrot" reference on a certain late, lamented blog. I look forward to the devil-porn screen caps.

Also, since I've been out of the country, belated condolences on the ex-gig. They don't deserve you, &c.


Heh, I remember hating "Branded To Kill" with a burning passion when I saw it. I might toss it on the Netflix queue to see if anything's changed. I'll admit to a great love of its unofficial remake, though.

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