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May 16, 2008


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Jesus. Sean Penn is out of his mind. Your "Kommisar" jab is dead on, but of course he is utterly incapable, I believe, of understanding the implications of what he's saying.

Damn. Despite having sorta-kinda said something, I'm basically speechless.


Wow. You just did what years of embarrassing antics, loudmouthed proclamations, and "I Am Sam" couldn't: make me hate Sean Penn. That's really, really horrible.

On the bright side, it means I can safely skip the Palm d'Or winner this year...

Claire K.

I'm really looking forward to the scene in Un Conte de Noel when Amalric dares Deneuve to put her tongue on a frozen lamppost and it gets stuck there. Should be a riot.


Sean Penn is a humourless man, so it doesn't surprise me that he's constantly saying obnoxious things.

Since I despise Christmas-themed movies (my better half forces me to watch Love Actually every bloody year), I'd probably really enjoy Un Conte de Noel. Hopefully it will come to a screen near me in the near future.

Aaron Hillis

Bravo, Clairester. Next up is Clint Eastwood's flick in which George C. Scott holes up in a mansion with the ghosts of murdered children.


Sean Penn at a Friar's Roast: "First of all, Mr. Youngman, I do not want your wife. And even if I did, she is a human being, not some commodity to be bartered about in a male-dominated society. The choice is hers and hers alone. If you no longer wish to be her husband, there are legal methods to achieve this. That is why we have the American judicial system."

Jinxy McDeath

There's a lot of bandwagon jumping on Sean Penn when the person can't even site correctly what Sean said or what the context was, or what is was from. He's the furthest thing from a dick you could meet. In any event twisting something that may or may not have even been said is just sad. Think for yourselves, you sheep.

Glenn Kenny

Jinxy, if you could point me to a more "accurate" version of the quote that refutes my interpretation, I'd be happy to eat my words. As for context, well, okay; after his statement about "teaching" directors he averred, "Most of all, we will listen to the film's heart." Following an implied threat with a soft bromide is a pretty old rhetorical switcheroo that generally indicates you should take the threat more seriously.
Also: Baaaah.


Sorry, he IS a dick. One day, he was walking hesitantly in the hallway outside my office, as if unsure where he was going. My assistant poked her head out the door and asked if he needed any help. He snapped, "I don't need your fucking help!" and stomped off. Cursing angrily at a poor innocent woman who was just trying to be kind is unconscionable, no matter how bad a mood you're in.


I love Christmas movies.. but this is a little outside of the norm and that's what makes it so wonderful.. it's less about Christmas and more about the intricacy of each of the characters and how they interact with one another.. no one can make dysfunctional look more normal and natural than this family..a little too long for my liking, but a must see none the less. enjoy.. if you can get your hands on it..!

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