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May 15, 2008


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Rodrigo Rothschild

You really should check the Saramago book. While you may find the metaphor overstated, the writing is impeccable. The whole thing is written in such a way (no quotations on dialogue, weird punctuation) that Saramago makes you feel blind yourself. You got to admit that's quite a gimmick.

Can't wait for the movie.


I'm a big fan the Sarmago book and the films of Meirelles, so I hate to hear that the film doesn't measure up. Can't wait to read your thoughts on the Che Guevera pic.

Aaron Aradillas

I must admit that Blindness might be the most anticpated comedy of the year.

You would think that an outbreak of blindness might give the sagging ecconomy a boost. Think about it. It would cut down on the dependency of gas for transportation. It would get the country healthier by forcing people to walk more. It would encourage more interaction with people through the need of public transportation. It would cut electricty bills almost in half. People wouldn't be texting each other all the time. Yes, an outbreak of blindness could save the world.

And, let's face it, Julianne Moore isn't the worst choice to be a sighted-guide.


Don McKellar is the Everyman of Canadian cinema (which means only twenty Canadians would recognize him), so I'm still anxious to see Blindness, disappointing or not.

Glenn Kenny

Don't get me wrong, guys; I'm not calling "Blindness" a must-to-avoid. For one thing, too many people I respect see a lot more in it (somebody stop me!) than I do. Anyway, if I'd wanted to really dis the movie, I would have said I liked it better under the title "The Day of the Triffids."


Fuck "Blindness" a really boring book. Thank God for Skolimowski and his return


Got to love a "Triffids" shout-out. I wondered about that myself; didn't John Wyndham get there a couple of decades earlier, and in a way that DIDN'T involve gimmicks?


What ever happened to that movie McKellar did a couple of years ago about the Hippies who smoke pot all day and take a young girl under their wing. It was directed by a Canuck named Reg, I think, and the title had the word Monkey in it. Can someone help me with this?

And I can't stand Jack Black. I mean, I loathe him. I hate him more than Drew Carey. The whole Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid routine wears me out toute suite.


In what context is the Skolimowski playing? I don't see it anywhere in Cannes's online listings.

Nick Plowman

Good for you Man!!!!

Wish I was there....


Chris, the film you're thinking of is the 2006 Canadian film Monkey Warfare, directed by Reg Harkema. It's available on R1 DVD through Alliance Atlantis. I liked the fact that Harkema made the most of a miniscule budget (even by Canadian standards), employing a fantastic indie-rock soundtrack and visual shout-outs to Jean-Luc Godard.

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