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May 28, 2008


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Here you go, a post from Criterion's blog on the elements they wound up using. I wouldn't be surprised if the MGM disc was transferred from the mid-nineties print they mention as being slightly inferior. MGM's home video arm was rock-solid but they couldn't operate on a Criterion level.

Bryant Frazer

Thanks for the captures -- as you say, the Criterion looks subtly but significantly better.

For some reason I'm not seeing the comments section at DVD Beaver. Can someone point me there?

david hare

I am pretty certain the mid nineties print was used for the Pioneer Laserdisc of 1994-5. The colors are strong but the whole image has a blue-purple bias. Thus the opening scene of the boat and its prow and sails with ochres and orange reds looking distinctly brown, followed by a cut to Connie Veidt in the Technicolor red turban, which in this print looks a little more purple. And so it goes. The same print (as the laseridsc) was used for an Australian PAL DVD released around 2000 (at the same time as Four Feathers) and displays the same blue-y bias.

My hunch would be both the MGM and the Criterion use the 70s print.

Beyond this the most substanrtial difference in image is what looks like some brightness boosting in the Criterion.

Glenn Kenny

There's no comments section at the Beav, Bryant. The quotes I cite were in the review, taken from e-mails to Gary.

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