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April 23, 2018


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Thanks for the moving piece, and the pix from Libby's. I trust all is exactly the same there.

One of the more macabre side notes to this story is that it all happened on my 20th birthday (very Don). I had to go off and "be a Jew" with my own family at Passover and thus did not accompany the boyz on this fateful trip. Poor Joe of Tormentors, Inc. had to call to give me the news. Naturally, I thought this was another of Don's extremely edgy pranks.

You are missed, Diamond Don, and you'd be proud. And I still listen to that Mahler LP, you were wrong about it.


Yes, LIbby's is exactly the same, except that the current wait staff likely had not even been born last time we ate there. Wish you could have joined us.

I had forgotten Don's Strong Opinions on Mahler recordings. Entirely typical of him of course.


A gift. “I don’t like this Maylor guy, here, maybe you will.”

Veronica James

I remember Don. Met him a couple of times. Very sad when he was killed. Nice guy, as I recall. Didn't know him well, but enough. So sorry for you loss.

Ron Pyke

“Moving” indeed. Hella piece. College at Tulane was boring by comparison. Guy back in Gary who intro’d me to all the old black bluesmen, Dylan, and Elvis died in his sleep at 20, cause unknown/not OD, escaped draft in Vietnam runup by barfing on shoes of Lt. inspecting his basic-training class. Our club was called The Swines (plural intended) and our “underground movie” was The Beast from the Crapper. I’m sorry for all your losses, but glad you had some guys to go back with. Cool pix. Imagining that fridge metaphorically as hell going over waterfall.

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