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July 15, 2012


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"You see that I do that thing that some American cinephiles give other American cinephiles a hard time about: using the original-language title of a film. Well, fuck it."

Well, given that Assayas is the golden god of multi-lingual cinema, he's the best possible candidate for using original-language titles, no?


Terrific film, and your excerpt is really whetting my appetite for the book. That father-son sequence is one of the sharpest in the film, suggesting, without excusing, some of the reasons for Gabriel's behaviour.

I wish Assayas's subsequent few films were easier to see; I haven't seen them for ages. As to using the original title, since the film -- if I remember rightly -- barely made an appearance in the English-language world, no translation required!


Gareth--I think he means the The 400 Blows...


Good point -- I didn't even notice that, further reinforcing the no translation required message!


Damn, an Assayas film with Simon de la Brosse, I had no idea. I'll have to check that one out. (I first had regular Internet access in 1999, and my first big shock of Net surfing was discovering that de la Brosse had taken his own life a year earlier.)

Joseph B.

I wish his early films like "Disorder", "Paris Awakens Us" and "A New Life" were available somewhere. I finally saw "Cold Water" last year and was just blown away. It's a shame.

Glenn Kenny

Yeah, "Cold Water" is just staggering. Kent's essay on it in the book is wonderful too. I'm hoping that maybe some smart distrib will assemble a bunch of Olivier's pre-"Vep" work in some kind of box or other. (An Eclipse set will do!)

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