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January 08, 2012


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Stephen Bowie

Those are two of the dullest TV actors I can think of, and yet they just will not go away. And Jill Hennessey, too. I'd love to know exactly how many dozens of actors turn down a script before it gets to that lot.

David Ehrenstein


Glenn Kenny

Cannavale is sufficiently excellent in "Win/Win" that I'm inclined to cut him some slack; I've also heard good things about his stage work. However, he has spread himself a bit thin with the TV stuff, and in this particular film he plays so aggressively to type it's, as the saying goes, not even funny.


Reminds me I should track down Alan Rudolph's film of the same name one of these days.

I've not seen Cannavale on TV (or stage, for that matter), but though he does get typecast playing bad guys or scumbags (as much as I liked THE MERRY GENTLEMAN, Michael Keaton's sole film as director, it definitely would have been more interesting had Cannavale played the detective instead of the abusive husband), but when he's allowed to step outside of that box, I think he can be quite good; not just WIN WIN, but also THE STATION AGENT, which he stole from everybody else, and also in a small role in ROMANCE & CIGARETTES.

Robert Cashill

Cannavale is a fine stage actor, superb in THE MOTHERFUCKER WITH THE HAT last season, and in MAURITIUS in 2007. He tends to be in movies and TV shows I skip but he (and everyone else) made me laugh in THE OTHER GUYS.

Stephen Bowie

I'll take your word for it on the stage work, but in every single TV or film performance I've seen Cannavale has sunk into the stock permatanned Italian-American lounge lizard stereotype and remained mired there. (See image above.) He has a preening-for-the-camera quality that constantly makes me want to kick him in his arrogant nads. Never thought I'd say "bring back Chazz Palminteri," but here we are.

Now don't get me started on that sadsack Ron Eldard or I'll morph into John Simon right here at my keyboard, god help me.

Jack Laughing

I really enjoyed Cannavale's comedic work in both The Station Agent and Win Win. In fact, I'd rate The Station Agent as one of my favorite films of the last decade. I'm not sure what performances you're referring to, but if its in either of those two films then rest assured that I won't be sharing a drink with you anytime soon. Geez, loosen up a bit.

Tom Block

The Station Agent < My Ass

Tom Block

Sorry, I'd like to apologize for that post. I don't like McCarthy's stuff but that doesn't give me license to be an ass.


Has no one here heard of SAXONDALE?


The Steve Coogan series? Personally I much preferred it to Alan Partridge or Tony Ferrino.

Gordon Cameron

I've had a crush on Jill Hennessy for ages.

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