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August 11, 2011


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So let me guess - this was, in fact,done to avoid thousands of angry Glee fans assaulting this blog, pitchforks in hand, with charges of "stupid reviewer doesn't know sh1t about Glee!!!" and "this is why I f@%king hate critics!!!"

Am I right?


To which I might add, FTR, nicely done.


I'm sure I'll see 30 MINUTES OR LESS at some point, and may well laugh, but I remember reading about that actual news story when it happened, and finding it one of the saddest and most terrible true crime stories I'd come across in a while. You read up on the kind of life the victim had, and what must have been going on in his mind in those final moments...just awful in every way. Yet someone apparently read that same story and thought, "Hey, you know what would be funny?" The mind boggles.


MarkVH: You've just given Glenn a clever cover story for when the serious cinephiles check in with a myriad of variations on WTF?

I've never watched GLEE, but if that still is in any way representative of the show, I may have to get ON that (um, watching it, I mean).

David Ehrenstein

THIS is more representative of the show


resulting in THIS


David Ehrenstein




FWIW, Brian Douglas Wells, the pizza delivery man involved in that 2003 incident, was in on the botched robbery from the start.


Unfortunately, his accomplices used a real bomb instead of fake, as originally planned.


Perhaps, Glenn, your alternate ending will be a DVD extra?


In other reviews The New Republic has posted Manny Farber's review of THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, presumably by someone who did not have a high opinion of either Farber, or movies or The New Republic's reputation for sound judgement: http://www.tnr.com/article/film/93575/tnr-film-classics-the-magnificant-ambersons

David Ehrenstein

Manny never liked Welles. Thought him a "show off" and nothing more. He was wrong. But then Manny was often wrong -- as much as he was right.

H Monroe

Actually Kurt sings I wanna hold your hand, not Finn.

Glenn Kenny

Yeah, that was supposed to get fixed. (Maybe I should say I did it on purpose, just to have something in the review to irritate the Gleeks.)

H Monroe

I do love Glee, and while I did enjoy the show, I was let down by the overall movie. I wanted more songs, less stories. Felt like Glee meets the cast of Glee. Like the girl who talked about Britney. She said she met her. Her who? Her Britney? Her Heather? I would have preferred the backstage dialogue to be more about the cast of Glee. While it was funny, I feel as though it wasn't believable that WHMS would sell out a stadium. Wish Ryan Murphy would have thought this one out.

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