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August 10, 2011


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Stephen Bowie

CUL-DE-SAC is my favorite Polanski, and I am choosing to interpret your choice of screen grab as a timely eulogy for the loss of so much vinyl & digital product in the Sony warehouse fire.


I live in Enfield, about one mile west of that fire (which is still smoldering).

Stephen Bowie

Oliver, I'm glad I don't live where you live, because I probably would have perished trying to rescue armloads of discs for myself.

David Ehrenstein

Just looking at Cul-de-Sac again yesterday. Of all his films it's the one he and only he could have made.

James Keepnews

The album production of, per Bill Evans: Re: A Person I Knew


Cul-de-Sac is total genius, and that chick is SO hot, plus she shows her feet the entire movie. Almost everything Stander or Pleasance do is hilarious... though the improv seems start to show a little bit in the "one take" shot.

Early Polanski used to always cast the hottest chicks.


Great start for the money-making coffee table book (I'd buy it) of screengrab jazz vinyl in Swinging 60s British cinema. Komeda rules. Maybe James Fox spinning Dankworth/Cleo Laine in THE SERVANT or David Hemmings lowering the stylus on a Herbie Hancock Verve label groove to chill Vanessa Redgrave in BLOW-UP?

Bob Fergusson

And the wonderful Riverside label.


Watched this last night and loved it. I've always been a bit of a sucker for "minor" Polanski.

One tech geeky question: does anyone know why the disc is so dark? Granted, I watched the SD version, but the actors faces (especially) are often obscured in shadow in a way that makes me think it's a creative decision. Was it a Polanski-approved choice?


Neat movie. RIP, lovely Francoise, who died much too young.

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