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July 11, 2011


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Flu appeal is a great rating. I think the first time I saw this movie was home sick from school watching TMC. Love this project!

David Ehrenstein

Beacuse of "I Love Lucy" most people forget how incredibly glamorous Lucille Ball was in her MGM days.

La Faustin

Like the Technicolor Cat Lady with a Whip she played in the opening of ZIEGFELD FOLLIES!


"Beacuse of "I Love Lucy" most people forget how incredibly glamorous Lucille Ball was in her MGM days."

They also might for get she appeared in quite a variety of roles before hitting it big with "Lucy". I used to think she was nothing but "Lucy" until I saw her in things like STAGE DOOR, THE DARK CORNER, and LURED.

Back on-topic. I haven't seen WITHOUT LOVE yet; hope to one of these days.


I love Lucy in DANCE, GIRL, DANCE and THE BIG STREET, too.

Chris O.

"which reminds me how bad I'd like a DVD (or Blu-ray) collection of Avery stuff to surface some time"

Your lips to the MovieGodz ears. After the complete Droopy collection a few years ago, I was given more hope.

The Siren

One of my Katharine Hepburn books says that while she played the role on stage, the play was changed a lot for the movie. I found it sort of tepid overall; the dialogue (usually the strength of Stewart/Barry) wasn't as bright and funny as PS and Holiday. On the other hand, "flu movies" is a category that needs to be popularized, and quickly.

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