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August 15, 2010


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Dunno ... this may be my least favorite Bunuel film (and I speak as generally an admirer of San Luis). Maybe the original novel was, in a way, too perfect a fit for Bunuel -- the shoe plot points and details,e.g., are all in the Mirbeau, though Bunuel updates the time period for some ritual "fascism is bad, man" that really should have been beneath him by this time. It also doesn't have the surreality or illogic of Bunuel's best and it feels like one more rote European 60s potboiler, supposedly made profound by a well-known actress taking off her clothes

Chris O.

Loved this scene and the disengaged (yet curious) way she plays it.

Jeanne Moreau... there's a memoir I wish I was reading right now.

Dennis Cozzalio

More, more! My palate isn't cleansed yet!

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