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August 17, 2010


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Anthony Thorne

Amusing to see the (over)reaction. I picture Lex as a minor character drawn with steam coming out of his ears and swirling cyclonic voids for eyes from Robert Crumb's HUP, chasing after Devil Girl yet doused with a deus ex machina bucket of unsavory gloop in the final panel.

Glenn - your blog, your house, your hospitality. Kudos to you - you've been way more tolerant than I would have been.

Criterion just announced a NIGHT OF THE HUNTER Blu-Ray too.


-- When you're right,you're right. But you never say, "I told you so."

-- So what am I right about?

-- Well, I'll tell you. But first you gotta promise not to say I told you so.

-- I never say that, and I don't like people who do.

-- Personally, I think you was right. I think that Mink and Bernie
was in it together.

-- I told you so.

Stephen Bowie

Adios, LexG. Guess you just couldn't get the QC down.


Not to question your wisdom - glad you're banning him and all - but let me run this by you:

1) He makes a dumb remark on an especially inappropriate thread. No longer than a few lines. (Yes, this is after - how long, months? - tons of childish behavior.)

2) You devote an entire, carefully written blog post in direct response to him. With pictures. Exactly what he was looking for.

3) You retire for the evening.


5) You write http://somecamerunning.typepad.com/some_came_running/2010/08/on-appearing-to-have-struck-a-nerve.html

I can't quite seem to figure out #4. Anyone?

I'm just sayin'.

Matthias Galvin

Well, despite all that...
It's good to know that Manohla will be coming back.

And also Glenn, I'm glad you--as Bloom would say--overcame your anxiety. Even if not objecting your inclusion on this poll is all that constitutes is NOT bitching about being on the list.
Anyway, I voted for you, and hope that others do the same.

And maybe someone could tell me:

What was LexG asking for an apology from you for?

Account Deleted

@Jaime: Re #4 - I think you may have missed LexG's reappearance on a couple of threads below. I think his comments there MAY have offended Glenn somewhat...

James Wolcott

It's all my fault.


LexG is a classic bully - he stirs shit up then acts offended when he's called out (while his fans ignore his vile taunts). It's fairly bipolar, hence Well's unsurprising adoption of Lex as his id.

Glenn Kenny

@ James Wolcott: Don't be too hard on yourself, friend. We've all been enablers before.

@ Jaime: I, too, am not quite sure I follow you. If you're saying that I deliberately goaded Lex into crossing a line so I could have an excuse to ban him, you're really giving me credit for being cleverer than I actually am, for which I thank you. No, honestly, I did not foresee Lex going as ballistically ad hominem as he did; I mean, my oldest friends and I called each other "dicks" all the time (in college, granted), and there was no real harm done. But he used it as a cue to be even more of a dick—and a far, far creepier one—than usual. Which is weird in many respects, but particularly in the respect that when things get hairy—for him, that is—he immediately retreats into this "it's my comic persona! In real life I'm an amiable cinephile milquetoast" stance. Which doesn't quite jibe with the rage exhibited in his comeback posts, or the various posts signed "I Love Cum" that I've been deleting much of the morning. Any way, I'm just hoping he sobers up, shuts up, goes away and stays away, and takes his vag with him.


@ markj - I know. Hence the "Just sayin'." Point being, it seems strange to have expected anything OTHER than what happened, given the circumstances (I'm tempted to call it "the pitch"), given LexG's past behavior, given the long-established and unchanged pattern of trolls since the dawn of the internet...

Trolls want nothing more than to be fed. For optimal results, feed him a big, late meal and leave him to roam free overnight.


"If you're saying that I deliberately goaded Lex into crossing a line so I could have an excuse to ban him, you're really giving me credit for being cleverer than I actually am, for which I thank you."

I wouldn't take it to that conclusion - simply that I'm having trouble with anyone acting surprised at the result. Not the magnitude of the result, just the choice LexG made not to sit quiet after having a whole post designed to call him a dick.

"No, honestly, I did not foresee Lex going as ballistically ad hominem as he did; I mean, my oldest friends and I called each other "dicks" all the time (in college, granted), and there was no real harm done."

LexG is like a college chum with whom you share playful, punchy banter?

I'm not saying that you put the 2-liter of Jim Bean in his hand and wheeled him up to his internet terminal. But... you wrote a long post that concluded (correctly) that he's a dick with behavioral issues (one of them being a lack of self-control), and I picture you then turning in for the night, saying "Okay internet, be good while I'm away." It's like, if you're at a remote, English country manor and you're in a room with a bunch of murder suspects, and the power suddenly goes out, you should maybe duck.

Anyway, I feel I've gone from understating my point to overstating, so maybe I should just leave it alone...


AAAAnyway, loved the piece on PSYCHO.

James Wolcott

Yes, how dare you 'retire for the night' like some country squire, when you should have stayed up to monitor the situation, in a state of readiness, like Dustin Hoffman in Straw Dogs, maybe not the best example.

Still, I blame myself.


I'm trying to think which character from STRAW DOGS Lex might be. I'm thinking an amalgamation.


As a country squire, I resemble that remark.

Michael Adams

Now we'll never learn how to pick up babes.


I like Lex ... and I do believe that much of his "work" is shtick. But this felt different. At MCN at least, he usually alternates between "bad Lex," with rants about vag and young actresses feet and the like, and "good Lex," with astute comments about the content and visual style of films. Then there's "drunk Lex," or perhaps "manic Lex." His, uh, tenure here at Some Came Running seemed to progress from "bad" to "manic," with no stops in between. I'm guessing he thought Glenn "got" his shtick, and would tolerate and perhaps even welcome his presence here, knowing that "good Lex" would eventually appear. Then he got spurned (while in his cups, I suspect) and overreacted, to say the least. The tenor of his rants against Glenn are harsher than anything I've seen from him at MCN (others may disagree), and were no doubt intended to result in his banishment from this site, which I'm sure he came to realize would afford him little to no opportunity for making new fans.


The thing is, lex knows exactly at what site he can push his shtick. He doesn't post the EAT CUM BITCH crap he leaves at Poland's site (or my blog) over at HE. He doesn't pull out his PALIN 2012 there either.

When lex wants to write about film he can be a perceptive writer -- as long as it's not anything foreign or animation or black&white -- which dulls his perception. But like Wells, he's a sociopath, determined to make enemies of those he deigns to spend his time with.

And of course, lex forgets that Wells asked his readers to chip in to help him a couple years back. This was before Wells went full-on misanthropic of course.

Brian Barnes

Banned. Not banned. It doesn't matter. The fact that Glenn has to spend his morning (and foreseeable mornings to come) monitoring threads for Lex in other forms in an effort to quickly delete, is just an indication that Lex still has the upper hand. More than anything, he wants attention. It doesn't matter how he gets it or what form it holds, he just wants attention. Glenn, stop giving it to him. Not just with your words, but with all the time of monitoring. He's sitting in his mother's basement with a big, shit eating grin because he knows he still has you by the balls. Stop giving him that privilege. Follow your earlier advice. Let him continue to post and make a STRONG recommendation to everyone to just ignore him. The less attention he gets, the less relevant he is (and the less verbal ammunition he'll have on other sites). Let him back in the room to yell, whine and complain while no one pays him the slightest bit of attention. Don't give him any more of your time and mental energy.

Lex, by the way, you're a coward. In every sense of the word, you are a coward.


Hmmm, I underestimated this guy's backstory - it's more convoluted than a pro wrestling narrative.

Oliver C

The cunt even managed (deservedly) to lose a lot of supporters over at Wells by insisting, in characteristically uningratiating style, that 'Alien Resurrection' was superior to 'Aliens'.

Robert Merk

There’s just no need to supply a platform for that type of behavior.

Thank you, Glenn.

Glenn Kenny

I don't intend to weigh in more than this, but I do have to say it's peculiar, and a little dispiriting, to see otherwise reasonable people imply that I should cut some kind of slack for a guy who wrote, and I quote, "And tell me you weren't thinking of co-star Sasha when you fucked your wife those weeks you were filming, old fuck."

Really? Really?

Those used to be known as...what's the phrase?...oh yes, "fighting words." But hey, it's the internet, he's a troll, and I need to take it on the chin. Sure. Gotcha.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not Lee Siegel had a point, after all. And just so everybody knows, I haven't heard a peep from any trolls since working hours began on the West Coast. Big man, Mr. G. TCB and all that.

Stephen Whitty

Well yes, precisely, Glenn. And I knew that was the line that he'd crossed the minute I read it.

To misquote an enraged Michael Corleone: "On my BLOG. That my FAMILY reads. Where my WIFE posts."

No, you bring families into something? You are done, son.


The silence from Wells on this will be deafening. I guess it's tough to hear when you're hiding in the same garage with lex.

Jeff McMahon

Mr. Kenny, congratulations on lacking the self-defeating moral pretentiousness that has held Mr. Poland back from banning him.

Tom Russell

@ Glenn: Let this not-altogether unreasonable person do whatever small part he can to combat your dis-spiritedness; the line he crossed was unforgiveable, vile, and completely undeserving of slack. Spouses are off-limits.

Kiss Me, Son of God

After reading some of those awful comments I now would like nothing more than to see Lex G's gimmick-brother ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER lay down some ownage on that piece of shit. ZMF has his own troubling issues, but he'd never stoop as low as Lex did.


Hitchcock post: 8 comments.

LexG post: 28 comments.


[Banned commenter posting under a not-particularly clever pseudonym

[Comment deleted]

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