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April 21, 2010


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Stephen Bowie

Glenn -- Are you sure that FANTOMAS disc is Flicker Alley and not an import? I thought F.A. had only done JUDEX.

Agreed that your Hal Ashby section is far too anemic.

And, howsabout if I swing by and borrow some DVDs for the weekend? Tks.

James Russell

Ooh, I misread the start of the second sentence as "Aronofsky fits in smugly between Argento and Ashby"...

When did Flicker Alley release Fantomas? I've never seen it listed on their site.

Glenn Kenny

Oy, my bad, very sorry. Yes, only "Judex" is a Flicker Alley release. My "Fantomas" is a French edition from Gaumont. And when I say French, I mean French, as in no English translations or anything. Artificial Eye put out a version with translation in 2006. As far as I know, no domestic release yet.


Jesus...seeing those blu rays mixed in with dvds just about set my OCD alarm ringing into panic mode. that would drive me NUTS.

About 6 months ago I reverted back to chronological - with alphabetical within years. I did this because I kept having nights when I was in the mood for an older flick, or something 80s and scary, or something new....etc. while it initially seemed an overwhelming task, DVD Profiler made it incredibly simple - just organized by production year and voila!

So aside from the main chronological section, the Criterions/Eclipse/MOC are first - then on the other side/shelves are TV and blu rays. so four basic sections. and i'm out of room. which sucks.

Joe Eyezen

I do not have shelves, but various plastic tubs, milk crates and a special drawer of my computer desk in which certain films are stored for a curious and obsessive kind of watching. I don't necessarily view the entirety of any of these films, but just a specific scene or two. Movies which I watch with some frequency find their way on top of my television set or somewhere in the vicinity no matter how many times I put them away. Right next to newbies waiting to be watched.

As for Fincher, I confess I do not see the allure of this director's films. I still hear critics oohing over Zodiac and I just didn't see anything in it. I don't believe I've liked one movie of his I've seen. Also, Seven--a slick, empty piece of moralizing incoherence--ruined the look of more than a decade's worth of horror movies. You can see its dark greenish industrio-rusty insta atmosphere even in things like that silly remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Nope.

Mike Mazurki

I wonder how Andrew Sarris organized his DVD shelves. Or Molly Haskell for that matter...I wonder who gets to hold the remote in that house.


Glenn, in light of your comment about Linklater, I'm amused to recall that his favorite movie is none other than SOME CAME RUNNING. :)

Fuzzy Bastard

I wonder how much of this organization by auteur, and then by country, and then by year reflects the influence of the old Kim's Video (in the grand VHS days, when their selection was truly extensive). That's how they sorted, much to my early-days-of-cineeducation confusion.


Glenn, I'm afraid the de Funes/Marais "Fantomas" is available only in French:


or German (from amazon.de) and the Chabrol/Bunuel "Fantomas" only in German (it was a huge hit on German TV back in the day):


Unfortunately the transfer of the latter is pretty bad.


Oh, and my DVDs are ordered alphabetically, but I use a database program called DVDpedia (http://www.bruji.com/dvdpedia/ - there's similar stuff for Windows) that has numerous options to categorize films to quickly find what I'm looking for.


I've just got my collection broken up as follows:

Criterions, by spine number
TV box sets
Blu-ray, alphabetical (excluding Criterion Blu-rays, of course)
General, alphabetical
Filmmaker box sets, alphabetical

If I had held on to every DVD I've every purchased, I would probably have 1500 by now, but on account of regular pruning (quality>quantity), I'm only sitting at around 650 titles these days. Unfortunately, I've let go of some Criterions when I needed the cash (seeing as outside of Out-of-Print and some Blu-ray titles, they're the only DVDs that are worth much of anything)...*sigh*.

And Glenn's putting Blu-rays and DVDs beside one another is also setting my OCD off...heh.

The First Bill C

In Glenn's defense, w/r/t mixing DVDs and BDs, Criterion's proprietary cases and Warner's and Sony's digibooks have already spoiled any hope of uniformity in one's Blu-ray collection anyway.

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