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December 15, 2009


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No comment.

Tony Dayoub

Yeah, I followed the AVATAR comments, but stayed away for much of the same reasons Wolcott points out at VF. Tempers were running a bit high for what simply amounts to being a popcorn movie.

I'm liberal as all get out, but I really don't mind when my politics get trashed in a fantasy movie. Hell, RAMBO, GRAN TORINO, and a whole load of John Wayne films would laugh at this leftie's ideas. Doesn't stop me from seeing the film, and snickering loudly when they get it wrong... because I'm ALWAYS right.


That is a terrible oversight on the part of the HFPA. The Erotic Connoisseur is second only to Colonel Landa in the pantheon of 2009 screen villains. To be fair to the HFPA, though, I believe there's some kind of stipulation this year that only one actually good thing can be nominated in each category. See also: the ridiculous omission of Breaking Bad.


Deeply wrong, this oversight.

When The Erotic Connoisseur greets our plucky heroine in THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, it's much like that movie-jolting moment when George Sanders climbs through the window in REBECCA.

James Russell

Oddly reassuring to see that political blogs of an avowed libertarian persuasion still seem to be run by dicks all these years later...

Oh, and: http://moviemorlocks.com/2009/12/14/jumping-on-the-list-bandwagon-10-films-youll-probably-never-see/

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