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December 04, 2009


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Tom Russell

I am, indeed, missing the Spout blog.


I'm not sure why David Poland bothers writing about the awards season because as you say Glenn, he seems so bitter about the whole thing. Write about something else, then. Every year he goes through the same kvetching about EVERY awards group, how they don't know what they're doing, and more importantly, why they're irrelevant. It's either that they're completely off the reservation, or trying to predict the Oscars with no originality. He also seems to wait for the perfect moment to do his annual quoting of WIlliam Goldman's "Nobody knows anything", which has pretty much lost any punch it may have had (and Goldman's own track record for the last couple decades only proves HE definitely doesn't).

As for Armond White, I don't know what "political economy", but his own political currency should be dropping with every reactionary review he puts in print. Hopefully his current term as NYFCC president will be his last one. Your city's group deserves better. Maybe you can stage a coup d'etat at the next gathering?

Pete Segall

I'm glad you bring up the marketing of Up in the Air because it gives me the chance to note perhaps the WTFiest part of a very WTFy Thanksgiving: American Airlines is actually using the film in a promotional campaign (I gather it's Clooney's carrier of choice). I haven't seen the movie but it seems a bit like the Budapest mass transit authority using Kontroll to promote itself.

Just wanted to point that out. Meaningful conversation may recommence.

The First Bill C

@Pete: Actually, the airline is not portrayed negatively and the movie makes air travel seem as appealing as it can be (almost comically so: I can't recall one crying baby or sub-par chicken dinner), at least until it doesn't. Even then, the circumstances that inevitably sour Clooney on flying aren't related to flying as such.

Kelly Jones

"I'm not sure why David Poland bothers writing about the awards season because as you say Glenn, he seems so bitter about the whole thing. Write about something else, then."

And I'm not sure why Glenn Kenny keeps writing about Armond White, because, as you continuously see, he seems so bitter about him all the time. Write about something else, then.

In fact, GK's obsession with AW is like Andrew Sullivan's obsession with Sarah Palin.

Glenn Kenny

Yeah, me and Armond White=Andrew Sullivan and Sarah Palin. Wow, that's just brilliant, Kelly, I can't believe it only took you five days to come up with it.

Kelly Jones

It's not brilliant, just apropos. However, I do balk at mentioning someone like Palin and White in the same breath because I believe the two are miles apart in intellect and writing ability (White being the superior one).

But there is clearly an unhealthy obsession you have with Armond similar to that of Sullivan and Palin. I like Andrew, but he seems to have gone off the rails lately, shutting down his blog to read "Going Rogue"!?! I'm truly worried about the guy. Worried about his health and mental stability.

Your obsession doesn't make me worry about your health (though I do hope you're well), but I do think your Armond fetish is junior high. Dude, it really just comes off as junior high envy, not critique. Perhaps you crave the same kind of independence that Armond has? He's not tied to a film circle groupthink the way you are, and, in my opinion, I think you (secretly) admire that.

Glenn Kenny

Kelly, I look at the sheer number of Armond White references on this page alone, and I understand you. I do need help, and I'm gonna get it.

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