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November 17, 2009


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Glenn, you never seem to talk about Herzog, so I've always been curious what you think of him overall. I think he's brilliant, which is hardly a minority opinion these days, but your silence on the subject made me think maybe you were at least ambivalent about him.

Then again, you rarely talk about a lot of filmmakers I know your very keen on, so what do I know.

Fuzzy Bastarrd

Very true about Herzog and narrative---even in his best films, like Aguirre, there's really no momentum, or really much forward motion at all. One thing happens, then another thing happens, and the impression of the film is entirely created from cumulative atmospherics; the inert, drifting quality is part of the effect. But that may be why, with the exception of Aguirre, none of his narrative films quite as compelling as his documentaries (though the plague comedy of Nosferatu is pretty delightful, and a good precursor to this).


Part of it is that Herzog loves experimenting with editing and pacing. "Woyczek" is a great example: you will believe an eighty-minute movie can feel like 160!

That said, the frame above...wow. Just...wow. That's sick. I love it.

S. Porath

I didn't know what to make of the film. Where's the 'Nature's out to get us, be afraid, be very afraid?' point? I hope I'll find more in future viewings (I am a Herzog sympethizer), but it's a fun curio. A c-grade straight-to-video cop film, directed by Werner Herzog with a truely out there lead performance.
Then again, I was only partly wowed by Ferrara's film. Just because it's sleazy doesn't mean it's redemption is purer than it should be. I was at times amazed by the film, but Keitel and Ferrara going sleazier didn't impress me as bravery any more than Gaspar Noa does. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


Cage and Herzog should team up one more time to remake THE WORLD'S GREATEST SINNER. That would be a hoot.


Herzog is one of the worst narrative directors out there. Fortunately, he doesn't give a shit about narrative.

Arthur S.

I find Herzog to be a fantastic self-promoter and a huge blowhard. I have total sympathy for Kinski for giving him a hard time.

Diane Rainey

love Nicolas Cage. always have. He was brilliant in Leaving Las Vegas. Just picked up a DVD of Raising Arizona. Classic.

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