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August 21, 2009


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Tony Dayoub

How about Peter Bogdonavich or Fran├žois Truffaut?


That ascot means that Bogdonavich is trying way too hard.

Matthias Galvin

THIS man:


is one, sexy, sexy, beast.
[which is a movie that he surprisingly liked]

Joseph "Jon" Lanthier

James Agee most definitely had his moments of suavity...


Is anyone else intimidated by Elvis Mitchell's hair?

Michael Adams

Stanley Kauffmann.

Adam K

OFerg (http://archive.sensesofcinema.com/images/04/30/otis_ferguson.jpg) -> jazzuavity


Francois Truffaut. Jean Luc Godard. The French invented "suave"...


Well, this might be discounted as a ringer, but I'd vote for Graham Greene.

He also gets bonus points for getting sued by Shirley Temple.

Sal C.

J Hoberman has struck me as decidedly un-geeky on the few occasions I have seen him in the flesh. And while Kent Jones may not qualify as suave, he is certainly no geek either.


karina longworth

Lieutenant Fakenham

What about the photographer of the critic on the right?... (And why is that version so blurry?...)


Kim Morgan. Aww hell yeah. Though I don't know if "suave" is quite the right word.

Bruce Reid

No idea what his manners are like, but every picture I've seen of John Simon pretty much encapsulates suave (old-white-guys-from-New-York division). Complete with unspoken hints of one not to be fucked with, an essential component of suave since James at least.

The Siren

Suave, hell. Molly Haskell is positively chic.


Andre Bazin, who you kind of resemble in the photo, Glenn. (:

Earthworm Jim

Is it just me or is Manohla's review kind of simplistic - she seems to be trotting out the old Paradise Lost / "The devil gets the best lines" complaint. I mean, yeah, the man Nazi is charismatic; how does that invalidate the film?


All these invocations of suave-ass French critics leads me to ask the Random Question: whither smooth German film critics?


I think that even today Glenn evinces a certain Laird Cregar-esque suavity.

Claire K.

I have to second the Elvis Mitchell selection, Glenn--as you may recall, he actually rises from his seat at a table when ladies excuse themselves to the powder room. In the 21st century, that pretty much constitutes varsity-level suavity.

Emily Gordon

Don't forget Stephanie Zacharek and Charles Taylor! I think a photo of the two of them is the first entry under suave in the dictionary.

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