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May 05, 2009


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Thank you. "Silence" is one of my favorite novels, and I never heard of this film.

Peter Nellhaus

I'm wondering is MOC is planning a new DVD, as I understand that their version of "Silence" is now out of print. Hopefully I won't regret not buying it when I had a chance. It may also be worth noting that more of Scorsese's films might be considered remakes than even he might admit. His version of "Age of Innocence" is certainly better than the earlier film which was largely adapted from a stage version. I would love to see James Cruze's version of "Gangs of New York" with Ann Dvorak and Charles Bickford, with a screenplay by young Sammy Fuller.

Arthur S.

Shusaku Endo was quite displeased with the film for which he's credited with the screenplay and after that film was reluctant towards having his works adapted.

So I don't think this film should halt Scorsese or anyone else from adapting this book again.

Nick (MoC)

The MoC edition of the Shinoda film is definitely not OOP. It's still available here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000SSNA7Y/

I heard that Scorsese hasn't seen the Shinoda film, and doesn't want to before he's made his adaptation.


"that's not the subject of this week's Foreign Region DVD Report. (It will be the subject of next week's. Naturally.)"

What's this, a Mr. Show bit?
Well played, sir!


If the description in Foreign Region DVD Report is accurate, it may offer a clue to why Endo disapproved of the film: in the novel, the Japanese authorities tortured the local Christians who had already renounced Christianity in order to force the hero priest to renounce. I don't recall any instance of the authorities finding holdouts to torture.


"What's this, a Mr. Show bit?"

Pre-Taped Call-In Show has really buried itself in this nation's psyche.

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