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August 25, 2008


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Bob Turnbull

Thanks for that Glenn...I didn't even finish reading your post before I went to amazon and ordered the set. Can't wait to see some of this footage and I've wanted to see the doc on Disc 1 for some time now.

I had just been playing disc 3 from Star Time the other day in the car (my fave disc in that set as it has some of the longer workouts). Don't think my 8 year old knew what to make of James' grunts...B-)

Glenn Kenny

Don't thank me, Bob, thank my guest poster Aaron...with whose recommendation I heartily concur, by the way.

Bob Turnbull

Though I didn't finish reading the post before ordering the DVDs, I probably should've read the whole thing before posting a comment...Apologies for missing your byline Aaron - thanks for the info on The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.

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