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May 15, 2008


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Ahhhh, promo work. The portal to hell.


...GK...so great to be reading these dispatches. Even ones about dumb stunts in support of...

Thomas H.

Press release by DreamWorks on May 14: "DreamWorks Animation kicked off the 61st annual Cannes Film Festival today with an outbreak of 'Pandamonium'" But your pictures are great!


I suppose it is lucky that this was all staged for journalists as any poor child that might have accidentally stumbled into the 'slaughter' area might have been scarred for life!

Julio Cesar

This post is just great!

This is one of the most hilarious postings about a movie that I ever read (and you don't even discussed the movie in anyway)...

P.S. Came to your blog via a reference from Ty Burr of the Boston Globe...

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Hi guys, I like this post called "I'm thinking of going with 'Panda-monium' as a headline...", is very interesting, thanks for sharing

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